• Shannon Cantrell

LA Football Homecoming 2018

Where on earth did "homecoming" get its start? I was thinking about this last week during all the homecoming festivities leading up to the big game Friday night. I've never known there NOT to be a homecoming. But someone had to take that first step to making homecoming a tradition that we all know and love. So, that being said, here's y'all some useless info about how homecoming got it start....

It was a college thing. The first football game of the season the alumni would come back to it's alma mater to celebrate. The University of Missouri claims to have invented it by inviting all their former students back to the campus to watch one of their games in 1911. And to be fancy about it they decided to have a dance and a parade. So thanks to the Director of Athletics at The University of Missouri we have a tradition that we have all loved to be a part of for many years.

There are a few things that come to mind when someone thinks about their hometown. The downtown square, friday night football, other sports, local events that bring the community together, fundraisers, FALLOWEEN ( specific to my town and I will talk about this in a future post), and of course homecoming. Why is this a big deal to me? I have a Senior this year and this is the last Football Homecoming that he will have a part in. His love for football is immeasurable! I have enjoyed so much watching him and his buddies play ball over the years and knowing this is the last one...it's sad in some ways, happy in many others because he has his whole life ahead of him. But right now, these kids are making memories that will last them a lifetime.

Congrats to Coach Lamb for setting the record a big LA record! He has coached the most games at Livingston Academy. Friday night made 120!

The homecoming festivities were beautiful. Lots of pretty girls in pretty dresses. And Congratulations to our Football Queen Leslie Dial and our Homecoming Queen Jaycee Hammock!

And another big congrats to the LA Football for their big win over the Smith Co Owls. Awesome night for many! Even if it did rain! H-O-G-E-Y-E Hogeye Hogeye TNT!!!!!!!!!!

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